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Poster: Spaced Date: Aug 30, 2006 4:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how bout those outa grace

>> boy, i sure hate her now, thanks for opening my mind to the error of my ways!>>

The real ugliness is the feigned and real incompetence, lies, theft, torture, and murder. The right wing is draining this country dry, while poisoning it with words. This country can be a shining city on the hill, but not when ruled by the corrupt who their feed their foul spirits from the 'chicken shack' that is America.

All this is excused by the media in the biggest con job in human history. The NY Times provides cover for corruption, though not nearly as blantantly as Fox. A case in point is the CIA-Contra cocaine connection. They led the charges against Gary Webb's stories in the San Jose Mercury were false, then published corroboration just a few years later, yet still laugh him off. They let Judith Miller and others publish the lies about an Iraq/OBL connection and WMDs. And they've provided cover for big business fleecing before the scape-lamb is fully drugged and finally ritually slaughtered. If you think the whole of the law is do whatever thou wilt, then you're nothing but a phony magician.

At least you can learn 'this space is getting hot' on a bad trip. You might say God is the one 'in it for the gold', and alchemically the scum is abandoned. The vault of mercy is limitless, but as they say, 'if the thunder don't ya get then the lightning WILL.'

>>>Why persist in this argument and not talk about Alligator?>>

8-21-68 was virtually good for me.

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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Aug 30, 2006 5:18pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how bout those outa grace

damn! yer good!

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Poster: sydthecat Date: Aug 31, 2006 6:33am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: how bout those outa grace

Please don't take offence if I simply respond to the Alligator portion of your e-mail, Spaced. I've spent the better part of my life arguing and doing politics and I'd like to treat this site as an oasis. Although I know there is no escape.

By virtually good does that mean you saw this Alligator?

Thanks for the tip. I'll go into my stash and see if I already have that one.